Nursing Post-Master's Teaching Certificate

Individuals prepared as nurse educators are expert scholars who teach the next generation of nurses grounded in evidence-based knowledge, focused on health outcomes, with classroom leadership and management skills. Organizations such as the Institute of Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The Joint Commission (TJC) have called for radical transformation in educational programs and processes that serve to prepare these healthcare providers of tomorrow (AACN, 2019a). The missing link is the number of prepared nurse faculty members that are educationally prepared and ready to answer this call.

Admission Requirements

The candidate for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education:

  • Must complete a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Nursing.
  • Must submit an official transcript and copy of diploma.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply components of the science of learning in teaching practice to identify linkages between learning and improved patient care.
  • Identify innovative approaches to learning that improve clinical reasoning and judgment.
  • Demonstrate accountability for decisions and actions in the implementation of evidence-based teaching.
  • Embrace the core values of nursing education and the profession.
  • Assume accountability for the quality of nursing education for a diverse student population in a variety of settings.
  • Function as a professional role model for students.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the design, implementation, and evaluation of teaching strategies to ensure quality nursing education to a diverse student population.
  • Collaborate with the intra/interprofessional efforts in scholarly inquiry for best practices in nursing education.

Certification Requirements

Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education – 15 credits

  • NUR 651 The Academic Nurse Educator as the Facilitator of Learning – 4 credits
  • NUR 652 The Academic Nurse Educator as the Facilitator of Learner Development and Socialization – 1 credit
  • NUR 653 The Academic Nurse Educator’s Role in Individual & Program Assessment & Evaluation Strategies – 4 credits
  • NUR 654 The Academic Nurse Educator’s Role in Continuous Quality Improvement – 1 credit
  • NUR 655 The Academic Nurse Educator’s Role in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes – 4 credits
  • NUR 656 The Academic Nurse Educator as Scholar, Provider of Service, and Leader – 1 credit

Course Listings

  • Click here to read complete descriptions of the Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Education courses offered at Wittenberg.

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