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Connections Learning Outcome (LO) Rubrics

  • LO1 - Experiential Learning and Reflection
  • LO2 - Writing
  • LO3 - Oral Communication
  • LO4 - Quantitative Reasoning
  • LO5 - Global Diversity
  • LO6 - US Diversity and Equity
  • LO7 - Scientific Inquiry
  • LO8 - Creative Process
  • LO9 - Social Scientific Methods
  • LO10 - Historical and Critical Analysis

Reflection prompts for Connections courses

Connections Assessment Instructions

Video: How to Add Your Outcomes to Moodle

Academic Program Review

At Wittenberg, program review provides an opportunity for shared reflection on and evaluation of a program's mission, its educational effectiveness of its curricular and co-curricular offerings, the structure and relevance of the curriculum, the availability and efficient use of staffing and material resources, and its engagement in the broader life of the University. Program Review assesses the program's strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement and incorporates internal and external feedback into an action plan for the future. Program Review entails an annual report, a five-year comprehensive program review report, and an external review on a ten-year cycle.

All academic programs define student learning outcomes. The most current list of programmatic learning outcomes is here.

All historical quadrennial reports on programmatic assessment of student learning are available in MyWitt (password required) under Assessment Information.

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