Built to inspire, built to connect, built to engage, and built to last.

Brands can be easily compromised with the wrong messaging, the wrong positioning, the wrong look, and the wrong experience.

Toward that end, Wittenberg must have one voice, one look, one feel if it is to live up to its brand identity and execute an effective brand strategy wherein the Wittenberg brand is ours forever -- built to inspire, built to connect, built to engage, and built to last.

The Office of University Communications provides creative solutions to raise Wittenberg's national profile; to amplify the Wittenberg story through unique voices, visuals and video across multiple platforms; and to articulate the university's mission, vision, and strategy for success in compelling, meaningful ways that support admission, advancement and the president, as well as engage alumni in Wittenberg's conversation.

We help interpret and communicate the accomplishments, objectives and aspirations of the University to a variety of audiences, including the campus community. Our office maximizes knowledge, understanding and support for Wittenberg through contact with the news media, the University's Web site and other outlets, as well as in such publications as the Wittenberg Magazine and Around the Hollow, Wittenberg's online newsletter.

We also assist stakeholders on campus in producing printed material to ensure that internal and external publications are designed and produced in an attractive, accurate, consistent and economical manner. All requests for preparation of printed materials incorporating the University logo or any other University symbols must follow established branding guidelines.

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