Residence Halls

Our residence halls provide a unique community experience, encouraging students to embrace diversity and challenge themselves.

Ferncliff Hall - Located in the southwest corner of campus next to Commencement Hollow, Ferncliff is right down the hill from Recitation Hall and Myers Hall. This co-ed hall houses 150 residents across four floors.

Firestine Hall - Located in the center of campus, Firestine is close to the HWA and academic buildings. This co-ed hall houses 220 residents across three air-conditioned floors. Firestine Hall will be home to first year students for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. (A/C, elevator)

Myers Hall - Located at the top of the hollow, Myers was the first building constructed on campus. This co-ed historic building houses 140 residents across five floors. **For the 2023-2024 academic year Myers Hall will be offline**

New Hall - Located next to the Benham-Pence Student Center and Alumni Way, New Hall is the newest residence hall on campus. This hall houses nearly 200 students across three air-conditioned floors. New Hall will house the Ubuntu Themed Living Community on the second floor. (A/C, elevator)

Polis House - Located across the street from Chakeres Theatre, Polis House is our smallest residence hall housing 30 students across three floors. This close, quiet community is in the heart of campus and features air-conditioned spaces. Polis House is home to the Themed Living Community Tiger Pride which features Gender Inclusive rooms and bathrooms.(A/C)

Tower Hall - Located next to Firestine Hall and Chakeres Theatre, Tower is the tallest building campus and gives quick access to the HWA and academic buildings. The ten residential floors house 230 residents in air-conditioned rooms and offer amazing views of campus. Tower Hall will be home to second year students for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. (A/C, elevators)

Woodlawn Hall - Located on Alumni Way, this historic gem houses 100 residents across three+ floors; the "+" is the unique front wing with charming dormers, stairwell, and doorways. Woodlawn Hall will be home to the Honors Themed Living Community. 

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