Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) Podcasts

We are pleased to share 15 podcast episodes provided by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. These episodes can be accessed on the ODHE website provided below. The episodes are geared primarily towards family members of a college student, but may also be useful to others. The ultimate goal is to expand the conversation around power and gender-based violence beyond campus by engaging family members. It is our hope that these episodes will spark early and on-going conversations.

These episodes, especially the Title IX related episodes, are done at a high level and are not meant to speak to a specific process. The survivor centered and responding party episodes may be of use to family members in the midst of an incident, but otherwise the episodes are intended to spark discussion prior to an incident taking place.

The following episodes explore power and gender-based violence in a campus setting. While designed to be helpful, some content may be disturbing to listeners who have previously experienced similar forms of trauma. Listener discretion is advised

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